Welcome to "Code, Bike's & Everything" - the virtual home of Carl Woodhouse, a thirty something web developer from Sheffield, South Yorkshire .. that's in England. When not creating a virtual vision of the future on the internets i'm also a husband, dad, mountain biker, lover of music, drinker of too much coffee and snow infatuatist. Here you'll find my musing on work, the virtues of life and just about everything in between .. 



Coder, programmer, builder of the wonders of the internet - call it what you will but that's the day job! At the minute i'm specialising in ASP.NET MVC but i'll try any language once (yeah i tried php once, i won't be trying it again ;) ).

Currently working at patient.co.uk working with OrchardCMS (which incidently i also use as the framework for this site) which is an excellent opensource cms framework written in ASP.NET MVC3.

In the interest of only maintaining one list of my full development skillset and history, if you want to know more you can checkout my profile on stackoverflow careers


Lately the whole world seems to have cottened onto the benfits of opensource, and i'm no different! i use it for everything i possibly can and so should you! I won't rant about it here, if your unaware of what it is google can help you. You can also checkout what im contributing too by looking at my github feed just to the right of here.


As a youngster I used to love nothing more then going out on my bike with my mates, it offered us a kind of freedom and adreneline rush we got nowhere else. Then university happened and we got our freedom and highs elsewhere, the bike was forgotten cast aside to rust while we played at life.

That however was then, now approaching 30 I've rediscovered this love from my youth and for sometime now have become an avid mountain biking fan. Once again it's allowing us a freedom just a different one, back then we did it because we had no other means of transport and because we had noting else to do, now we do it to escape the stress of everyday work and life - the adreneline rush is still there mind! Mountain biking (mtb) has evolved for me since those early years, not just a simple pleasure anymore but a serious hobby and as such I'm devoting some time to sharing that hobby with you through photo's, reviews and tales of adreneline fueled rides!

& Everything

Omniaque (& everything else)

Love life, love music, love bikes, love technology, love coffee, love sports, love camping, love fims, love the outdoors, love being a dad, love being been a husband, love sun, love rain, love snow, would love to live in an igloo. If its not code or bike related, you'll find it here.